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Shenzhen D-Fit Technology Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen D-Fit Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to becoming the world's leading provider of security and intelligence services. The business scope covers: advanced high resolution overt and covert surveillance equipment, recording device, smart series products(kids camera,baby monitor, wifi camera etc) and artificial intelligence applications and solutions. Production Capacity D-Fit is a post...
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China Shenzhen D-Fit Technology Co., Ltd.
What They Say
  • They are a very good company. I have been selling their products for three years. I remember that one of the boxes in the product was squeezed and deformed. After that, they will prepare more boxes for each order, really very caring service.
    ------ Mr. Mohradwan Atassi
  • Their products are particularly selling good in our country. They are one of the few suppliers that can give me very professional advice.They are very sensitive to the market and always recommend the right products and services to me according to my needs. The dealing rate for after-sales problems is amazing.
    ------ Mr. Richard Burden
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