AI surveillance cameras have come out, and a large number of security practitioners are going to lose their jobs

August 8, 2022

Latest company news about AI surveillance cameras have come out, and a large number of security practitioners are going to lose their jobs

Most people's impression of monitoring should be like this ↓↓


It's like this if it's a little bit more bullish ↓↓


Today, the monitoring we are going to talk about does not require such a large posture, nor does it require special personnel to guard it. It is like this ↓↓


Water pipes on the walls, cables on the floor, tools on the shelves...every item in the footage is identified and marked.


Doesn't it look very powerful, what kind of black technology is this? Let's take a look with the Internet hotspots (web-news):


Summarize it in one word:

AI monitoring!


AI for workplace safety

(Ensuring workplace safety with AI)


Combining surveillance cameras, cloud services and AI, it can monitor every event, object, and person in the workplace. This means that monitoring no longer needs people to see, and AI helps you see more clearly. Now the security guards in the monitoring room have to lose their jobs...


Let's see what's so great about it:

character monitoring

With the help of portrait recognition technology, the camera can identify everyone in the shot.


Combined with the database, the monitoring screen can display all relevant information about this person.


You can also make corresponding responses according to some conditions.


Let's imagine this scenario:


in the hospital,

Older people like to walk around.


There is no way the nurse's care can guard him all the time.

But when things go wrong, no one can take responsibility.


How to do it?

Hey! Hand it over to AI monitoring.


The 24-hour camera can accurately identify the wandering elderly.

When the old man appeared on the camera where he shouldn't be.

The nurse will be alerted immediately,

Go to the appropriate place to find the old man.


Item identification and positioning

It is not enough to recognize people, this system can also recognize the objects in the screen.

Let's imagine another scenario -


In a crowded construction site,

Tools are brought around by all kinds of people.


A worker takes the hot saw.


Another worker suddenly wants to use,

But don't know where to look.


At this time, too,

Hand over the problem to AI monitoring.


Take out your phone and ask the system,

It will tell you right away.


If you think it’s nothing to be able to recognize people and things, then the next thing is amazing——

event monitoring

Suppose in a factory,

A barrel of chemicals was overturned by a madaha

He left without realizing it.


raw material leakage,

If no one finds out,

A serious accident is likely to occur.


But with AI monitoring,

The event of "raw material leakage" will be captured by the camera in time.


Send to the relevant person in charge through the cloud.

The responsible person can respond accordingly.


In the past, surveillance cameras were mainly used for real-time monitoring of the environment, with relatively simple functions and low efficiency. This kind of AI artificial intelligence technology has been upgraded from remote monitoring to intelligent indexing, which greatly enhances the high-tech monitoring technology and also protects the monitored place. Whether the recognition and monitoring of people or objects are combined with each other, they can play a lot of roles.


Some people say that 5G is coming, AI surveillance cameras have come out, and a large number of security practitioners will lose their jobs. What do you think about this?


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