Development Outlook of the Security Industry in 2022

August 17, 2022

Latest company news about Development Outlook of the Security Industry in 2022

The development outlook of the security industry in 2022 starts from the subtleties.


1 market

The security industry, enterprises and government sectors have always been the market leaders. In 2022, the personal household consumption market should have great development. to B, to G, to C should be three points.


2 Technology

H.266 encoded security products should be available. 8K front-end camera products should come with H.266 encoding. Of course there are some uncertainties. HiSilicon is abolished, Ambarella is stagnant in the security industry, and many other domestic SOC chip manufacturers are relatively inexperienced in the development of new technologies and new products (powerless or enterprising.) The security SOC chip market seems to have entered the Warring States Period. In the era, we can only expect the rise of the new emperor to be crowned. The application of 5G in the security industry is currently unclear. Even, I have always held the view that the ultimate fate of 5G itself should be the same as 3G, which can only be a transitional technology. AI functions will further penetrate from the solution and product side to the hardware front-end of sensors, ISPs, and SOCs. The same low-power feature requirements will be further moved to the sensor, SOC part.


3 products

Household, low-power security products will be the focus of the security market in 2022. IoB, internet of behaviors, Internet of Behaviors, products and solutions that capture, process, and analyze people's behaviors in their daily lives.


4 Philosophy

Green environmental protection (low-power products, green storage), pan-security (security attributes of products, companies, and industries, the boundaries are getting blurred), cloud (VSaaS).


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