How many video recorders can the camera be added and used at the same time?

August 8, 2022

Latest company news about How many video recorders can the camera be added and used at the same time?

When do you need to add a camera to multiple recorders? That is, the customer wants to watch the surveillance situation in multiple places at the same time. For example, the guard outside the monitoring center needs to watch it, and the lobby also needs to watch the preview. At this time, we only need to add a video recorder + monitor at the guard and the lobby to watch it..


Some people may have doubts, will it be a problem to add an IPC to multiple NVRs. If the same camera is directly added to each NVR, the preview screen is black, the IPC is disconnected, and the recording timeline jumps randomly. What should I do? Before solving the problem, what needs to be clarified is, how many video recorders can be added and used at the same time for one network camera or dome camera? Here is the usual situation, after all, there may be differences in the hardware of each manufacturer's product.


The common medium and high-end network cameras in the market have a maximum of 6 channels. When adding a network camera to a recorder, the main stream and sub-stream will be taken at the same time, so that each recorder occupies 2 camera resources, and all network cameras can be added by 3 recorders at the same time. In the same way, the ball camera can take up to 20 streams and can be added by 10 VCRs. Is it true that direct addition will definitely cause such problems?


Not necessarily, most single sub-controls are no problem. The solutions we are talking about here in case of encountering such problems, if you have not encountered them, you can also take a look. This solution is given when the hardware manufacturer solves it. For example, we want to add a network camera to three video recorders. The first recorder is added normally. We call it the master recorder. The second we call the auxiliary video recorder. When we add it, select Menu > Channel Management > Channel Configuration.


Then click Custom Add, and then select Protocol Management. In Agreement Management, click Custom Add. Then enter the address of the main stream and sub-stream in the resource path column. Main stream: /ch1/main/av_stream Sub-stream: /ch1/sub/av_stream Remarks: This path is the stream access path for Hikvision cameras, other cameras can inquire by themselves or consult after-sales.


Then customize the add IP channel interface, select the camera to be added, use the corresponding protocol, enter the camera IP, user name and password to add. To add a third or more, repeat the above steps.

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