New smart security technology makes flood prevention and flood control smarter.

July 5, 2022

Latest company news about New smart security technology makes flood prevention and flood control smarter.

The "Yangtze River 2020 No. 2 Flood" was formed in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. It is estimated that the maximum inflow of the Three Gorges Reservoir will be around 55,000 cubic meters per second at 20:00 on the 17th. This is the latest of Xinhua News Agency. Report.

   In July, the flood control situation in many parts of the country was severe. In particular, flood peaks appeared in various sections of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. The water levels of Dongting Lake and Poyang Lake continued to rise, leading to breaches in some river embankments and huge losses in people's lives and property.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Emergency Management, since July floods have caused 20.272 million disasters in 24 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) including Jiangxi, Anhui, Hubei, Hunan, Chongqing, Guizhou, etc., with 23 people dead or missing, and 1.764 million emergency transfers and resettlement; crops affected The area is 2207.5 thousand hectares; the direct economic loss is 49.18 billion yuan.

The National Defense Directorate issued a notice on the 16th, requiring all localities to further strengthen monitoring consultations and preventive preparations, strengthen dyke inspections and close defenses, keep an eye on weak links and risks, strengthen emergency response and emergency rescue, and do disaster relief and post-disaster relief. reconstruction.

latest company news about New smart security technology makes flood prevention and flood control smarter.  0

   At the front line of flood prevention and disaster relief in various places, the military and civilians have worked together to rescue and rescue. It is worth noting that the "hard core" of science and technology helps flood control, making flood control and disaster reduction highly efficient and intelligent. Whether it’s consultations at the upper and lower levels, bank inspections, or real-time hydrological monitoring, emergency communications, etc., various smart flood prevention methods such as video surveillance, intelligent analysis, 5g technology, drones, etc. are frequently appearing, "rushing" On the front line of flood fighting, make flood prevention and flood fighting more wise.

On July 9th, the Xin'anjiang Reservoir was fully opened for flood discharge. This was the first time since the completion of the reservoir in 61 years. Behind this smooth flood discharge, Hikvision's water gauge recognition ball machine and other equipment and platforms provided remote flood control and flood control commands. High-definition monitoring, real-time clear transmission of flood discharge and river basin images to the command center, to provide decision-making support for the dispatch and command of the flood control command department.

   It was learned from the press conference held by the Wuhan Municipal Government on July 16 that more than 60,000 video surveillance points were integrated into the flood control and drainage command system to closely monitor important flood control facilities such as dike waterproof storage, pumping station culvert gates, dangerous sections and dangerous sections.

Since the flood season, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province has integrated flood control data such as flood conditions, rainfall, and water levels into the "City Brain·Xiaoshan Platform" digital cockpit platform, realizing real-time dynamic monitoring and early warning analysis of flood control data; at the same time, using "5g telecom "Global Eye" realizes large-scale, all-weather observation of water levels in rivers, reservoirs and other places. While saving manpower, it provides support for flood forecast and emergency response.

For the first time this year, Qichun County in Hubei Province used drones to conduct emergency surveys. The drones took photos and videos to understand the current situation and the overall picture of disaster points, and conducted investigations and investigations on disaster points on a larger scale, which improved the efficiency and effectiveness of disaster response. Accuracy.


   The current flood season has entered a critical period. While maintaining public safety, various security technologies are also supporting the frontline flood prevention and flood fighting in various places. In addition, the use of big data analysis, artificial intelligence and other scientific technologies in flood monitoring and emergency rescue can also strengthen prediction and forecast, improve forecast accuracy, and provide timely and accurate references for making scientific decisions on flood prevention.

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