OEM class home smart Wi-Fi camera selection

August 17, 2022

Latest company news about OEM class home smart Wi-Fi camera selection

The so-called OEM smart camera mainly means that the manufacturer adopts some semi-finished Wi-Fi camera modules (mostly 38 x 38 mm, 38 x 53 mm in size) that are common in the market, and then matches with different lenses, different fill lights, using Differential (or male) housing, manufactured home camera. Although the appearances are different and there are thousands of models and brands, through the modules they use, you can still find the same points and then make a classification analysis.

Using the same module means using the products of the same hardware solution provider, and the mobile APP is generally the same (even if it is a custom APP, we can query the original APP through the APP interface, functions, and developer information.)


Features of OEM Home Smart Cameras

1. The price is cheap. Because the modules used are universal in appearance and suitable for mass production, on the one hand, the cost can be reduced, and on the other hand, the competition is also fierce, and finally the product price is cheap.

2. There are many appearances. However, the shells are mostly male molds, and the workmanship quality is relatively poor.

3. Product quality and stability may be lacking.

4. The APP has fewer functions and the user experience is average.

5. Types and common functions of OEM home smart cameras



From the appearance point of view, the types of home smart cameras are very simple. They are divided into indoor shaking cameras with a gimbal that can be rotated up, down, left and right, outdoor small ball cameras, and indoor card cameras with fixed lens positions, and outdoor guns with better waterproofness. camera. Of course, there are some subtle changes and innovative appearances based on these foundations, which are quite special and will not be introduced in detail here.

1. Indoor shaking machine, card machine. Not waterproof, can only be used indoors.

2. Outdoor ball machine. Waterproof and can be installed outdoors.

3. Outdoor bolt. Good water resistance.


Cloud platform. The camera lens can be moved up and down (usually 90°) and left and right (usually 360°) through the pan/tilt, which expands the visible range of the camera.


Dual light source. That is, the camera is equipped with lights with two light sources, infrared light + warm light. After the infrared light is automatically turned on at night (the light is automatically sensed by the photoresistor, and the infrared light is controlled to be turned on and off), if there is a person in the monitoring screen at this time, the warm light is turned on, and the infrared light is automatically turned off. At this time, the monitoring screen turns into color. It is helpful to clearly see the characteristics of the person entering the monitoring, and the warm light that is suddenly turned on can play a warning role. When the person leaves the monitoring area, the warm light goes out, the infrared light turns on, and the monitoring screen returns to black and white. Some manufacturers call this mode smart alert, which replaces the warm light with a brighter white light, which has a more significant alert effect.


Voice alarm. The camera has a built-in speaker. When someone enters the monitoring range of the camera, the speaker emits a set alarm sound. Some cameras support custom alarm sounds, and the alarm audio can be set to something like "Welcome", which can be used to welcome guests at the door of the store.


Human figure/face detection. Traditional motion detection alarms are prone to false alarms, such as wind, grass and trees, changes in light at night, etc. These are meaningless motion detection alarms. The humanoid, face detection alarm is an enhanced version. Only when a humanoid appears on the monitoring screen, the human face will generate alarm information, so the video recorded by the alarm is more valuable, and it can also be more convenient and faster to query.


Mobile tracking. A camera with a gimbal, when moving objects, such as pets, people, etc. appear in the monitoring screen, the camera automatically controls the gimbal to follow the moving object to rotate together to ensure that the center of the lens is always facing the moving object, recording more valuable video material. As an advanced version of humanoid tracking, it will only track moving people, so the tracking effect is better and the meaning is greater.


4G, solar, battery powered. Where there is no wired network and Wi-Fi is difficult to cover, using a 4G camera is the best choice. Thanks to the development of the Internet of Things industry and the advancement of 4G and chip technology, the 4G LTE cat.1 module built into the 4G camera is already very cheap (the price of the cat.4 module is not high), the price of the 4G camera is not high, At the same time, only when the camera is remotely accessed (or cloud storage is set), the 4G traffic of the camera will be consumed. In this way, the usage cost of the 4G camera is not high. When you are in a remote place and the power supply is inconvenient, you can consider using a low-power camera with a built-in battery and an external solar panel. This kind of low-power camera is generally equipped with a PIR human body sensing module, which is usually in a standby state (extremely low power consumption). In this working mode, the power consumption is very low, even without solar charging, the built-in 18650 battery alone can make the camera work for a long time.


Cloud storage. Cloud storage means uploading the video of the camera to the cloud server space for storage. Because it needs to consume server storage resources, it is natural to pay for it. The advantage is that even if the camera is destroyed and the TF card is taken away, the video stored in the cloud will not be lost. Because cloud storage is a continuous paid service, in order to save costs and maximize its functional value, it is generally recommended to open the cloud storage of alarm dynamic recording, that is, only the video recording of dynamic alarm (such as motion detection, humanoid detection alarm, etc.) will be uploaded to cloud storage.


Buying advice

1. The product quality (mainly appearance and workmanship) of OEM brand home cameras may be slightly worse, but the price is cheap and cost-effective, and users who are sensitive to price can consider it.

2. Indoor use, watching the elderly, children, you can choose the shaking machine. The price is reasonable, the basic video and voice functions are available, the lens focal length is small, the visual range is large, and there is a gimbal that can be rotated, and the night vision distance can also meet indoor needs.

3. Outdoors, you must choose a waterproof camera, a waterproof bolt or a small ball camera for outdoor use. The night vision distance can generally reach 20-30 meters.

4. For indoor use, it is generally recommended to use the Wi-Fi configuration to connect the camera directly. For outdoor use, especially if the camera is far from the Wi-Fi router, it is recommended to use a wired network to connect the camera.

5. For anti-theft and anti-thief monitoring, it is recommended to open cloud storage to ensure the security and reliability of video recording.

6. For outdoor scenarios without electricity and no network, the best choice is 4G solar camera. When installing, pay attention to the angle of the solar panel. If the local rainy weather is relatively long, consider using a battery with a larger capacity, or reduce the sensitivity of camera detection and recognition, and reduce the duration of the alarm to save power.

7. If you need to see some details clearly, such as watching the cashier, you can choose a larger focal length of the camera lens.

8. Some household smart camera products with relatively large sales on e-commerce platforms, such as Qiao An and Neteye, all belong to the OEM category.

9. At present, most of the consumer home smart cameras only support 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and do not support 5.0GHz.

The night vision effect of 10.850nm infrared is better than that of 940nm infrared, but the concealment of 940nm is better, it is completely invisible to the human eye, and the human eye of 850nm infrared can see a red dot.

11. If the capacity of the configured TF card is not enough, or if you want to prolong the recording storage time of the TF card as much as possible, you can set the camera to alarm recording, that is, only when an alarm signal occurs (such as object movement, people walking, etc.), the recording will be saved.

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