Poe surveillance system camera four wiring methods

August 4, 2022

Latest company news about Poe surveillance system camera four wiring methods

The POE power supply system is widely used in more and more projects. We have talked about the working principle and usage tips of POE switches. Today, we will talk about the application methods of POE switches in specific projects. We use it in different scenarios. Coping strategies for switches powered by POE.

We have said that the equipment terminals that support POE include wireless APs, network cameras and so on. Then the connection between the terminal and the switch is the network cable. We divide it into four connection methods from whether the terminal box switch supports POE.

First, switches and terminals support POE at the same time

Second, the switch supports POE, but the terminal does not support POE

Third, the switch does not support POE, and the terminal supports POE

Fourth, neither switches nor terminals support POE

For the first case of simultaneous support, it is best to do it. The poe switch is directly connected to the wireless AP or network camera that supports POE power supply.

It is necessary to ensure the quality of the network cable, because we have encountered AP or IPC power supply instability due to the poor quality of the network cable. Today, a friend left a message in the background asking whether the network cable distance of the IP camera can be supported to 130-150 meters as the merchant said. We better keep the network cable in the range of 80 meters, because the signal will be attenuated no matter how far it is, even if it cannot be seen, it will be There will be hidden dangers.


Another point, as we said before, need to pay attention to whether the terminal and switch are standard POE equipment, and the standard and non-standard are mixed and used.

The second is that the switch supports POE, but the terminal does not support POE, so the other end of the network cable from the switch needs to be connected to the POE splitter. We have also introduced the POE splitter. The transmission signal is divided into data signal and power.

The third is that the switch does not support POE, but the terminal supports POE. The switch comes out and connects to the POE power supply. Contrary to the splitter, the POE power supply can add power to the network cable and transmit signals to the terminal.

The fourth is the case where neither the switch nor the terminal is brought. A friend asked if there is anything to say about this situation. Just follow the original plan without bringing it. Since we are talking about POE power supply, if we do not support it, we are also ready to take advantage of the benefits of POE power supply (although it may not happen, we are purely talking about technology), that is, connect devices at both ends, and the switch comes out to connect the POE power supply. The other end of the network cable is connected to the POE splitter, and finally transmitted to the terminal.

The above four situations describe all the scenarios in which POE can be used for power supply. In addition, the selection of POE switches is also very important. A good POE switch can not only stabilize the system, but also facilitate future maintenance and upgrades.

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