The construction of digital China is gaining momentum

August 2, 2022

Latest company news about The construction of digital China is gaining momentum

"From 2017 to 2021, the scale of my country's digital economy will increase from 27.2 trillion yuan to 45.5 trillion yuan, ranking second in the world in total, with an average annual compound growth rate of 13.6%, and its proportion in GDP will increase from 32.9%. At the opening ceremony of the 5th Digital China Construction Summit held a few days ago, Cao Shumin, deputy director of the Central Cyberspace Administration and deputy director of the State Cyberspace Administration, said that the construction of digital China From laying a solid foundation to building a strong momentum, from development to continuous growth, we have taken solid steps in innovation and practice.

Consolidate the digital cornerstone

"As the main artery of the development of the digital economy, the construction of digital infrastructure has achieved remarkable results in recent years." Xu Xiaolan, deputy minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, introduced that the gigabit optical network has the ability to cover more than 400 million user households, and the number of 5G base stations has reached 1.854 million, with certain There are more than 150 influential industrial Internet platforms and more than 79 million sets of connected industrial equipment. The computing power of the data center has basically met the data storage and computing needs of various industries in various regions.

The "Digital China Development Report (2021)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Report") released during the summit shows that by the end of 2021, the number of 5G users in my country will reach 355 million, the scale of gigabit users will reach 34.56 million, and the number of 5G users in administrative villages and poverty alleviation villages will reach 355 million. The broadband connection rate reaches 100%; the total amount of IPv6 address resources ranks first in the world, and the number of active IPv6 users reaches 608 million; the computing power scale ranks second in the world, and the average annual growth rate of computing power in the past five years has exceeded 30%... A series of Data shows that my country has built the world's largest and technologically advanced network infrastructure.

According to Ke Ruiwen, chairman of China Telecom, the traditional architecture of cloud-network separation can no longer meet the large-scale cloud requirements brought about by the rapid development of the digital economy, and cloud-network integration has become a new feature of information infrastructure. "We have more than 50 key technologies such as elastic computing and distributed databases, which can provide massive data storage and multi-modal, high-performance computing, realize the deep integration of network and computing power, and the intelligent interconnection of cloud and network edge." Ke Ruiwen introduced, China Telecom Undertook the national project of "Calculating East and West", established data center parks in Inner Mongolia and Guizhou, and deployed a number of key data center nodes in four regions, namely Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao, Shaanxi-Chuan-Chongqing, and accelerated computing resources. Deployment and scheduling platform construction to provide more comprehensive intelligent information services for the digital transformation of the economy and society.

The vigorous development of the digital economy is inseparable from the support of infrastructure, and even more inseparable from technological innovation. 5G takes the lead in technology, industry, and application, maintains advantages in high-performance computing, steadily improves independent research and development capabilities of chips, and greatly improves the performance of domestic operating systems. Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, blockchain, and quantum information rank in the world The first tier... The report shows that in 2021, the number of PCT international patent applications in the information field in my country will exceed 30,000, an increase of 60% over 2017, and the global share will exceed one-third.

However, with the exponential growth of data, existing technical capabilities will not be able to meet the massive computing needs. "The information technology system will change from 'computing-centric' to 'data-centric', and new basic theories and core technologies need to be explored and cracked." Application, insight into development trends, research and development of cutting-edge technologies; build a scientific management system, optimize the allocation of innovative resources, and solve the problems of self-control by making up for key shortcomings and building leading long-terms.

Xu Xiaolan believes that iterative upgrades and integrated innovations in high-end chips, key software, intelligent sensor terminals and other fields should be accelerated, and forward-looking layouts in 6G, quantum computing and other technologies should be accelerated, and the difficulties in artificial intelligence and blockchain technology should be further broken through and stimulated. Enterprise innovation vitality.

Empower thousands of industries

"Contract review is a tedious and stressful job. With artificial intelligence as an assistant, it is much easier to handle." At the 5th Digital China Construction Achievement Exhibition iFLYTEK booth, an audience engaged in legal work After experiencing the digital employee product, he sighed with emotion. According to reports, for contract management, iFLYTEK digital employees can provide a full-cycle automation solution from drafting, review, approval, comparison, contract performance to filing, which improves the efficiency of contract drafting by 80% and shortens the legal review time to 10 minutes/ The contract comparison time is shortened to 5 minutes per copy.


"Driven by technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data, the background of my country's digital economy is becoming more intelligent. Voice, as the most natural and convenient communication method, has become the access port for most smart devices. We have always been committed to empowering thousands of smart devices with source technology. All industries.” Liu Qingfeng, chairman of iFLYTEK, told reporters that last year, iFLYTEK won 11 championships in international artificial intelligence competitions, and related achievements accelerated the popularization and application of artificial intelligence in education, medical care, automobiles, smart cities and other fields.


Hu Houkun, the rotating chairman of Huawei, believes that various digital applications have penetrated into all aspects of life, bringing great convenience to people. In addition, autonomous driving, remote control, AI detection and other industries are rapidly entering the manufacturing, coal mine, port and other industries, and digital applications are shifting from the consumer side to the production side. "From these changes, we can clearly realize that the integration of digital technology and the real economy will become closer and deeper, and the surging wave of digitalization has become a general trend in thousands of industries."


Once upon a time, the port operation required workers to climb on the bridge crane, sit in a trolley and move with the container, and continuously work at an altitude of tens of meters for up to 12 hours. It is also necessary to ensure the accuracy of the operation, which is a great test for the physical fitness and skills of the workers. , and the general aging of container truck drivers also poses a safety hazard in transportation.


The intelligent container terminal in Section C of Beijiang Port Area of ​​Tianjin Port is another scene. Here, transportation robots shuttle back and forth, and automated field bridges are precisely hoisted, all thanks to the cloud platform, data platform, 5G network, and horizontal transportation system built by Huawei. In addition, to address the pain points of autonomous driving in the complex environment of the port, with many blind spots and complicated operation routes, Huawei uses cloud scheduling optimization and multi-vehicle collaborative planning algorithms to effectively reduce the occurrence of multi-vehicle deadlocks and conflicts, and increase the number of vehicles by 76 vehicles. Operational safety and efficiency of ART (a new generation of intelligent horizontal transport robot).


"Information technology will transform from the role of assistant to improve the quality and efficiency of the industry to the role of leader and pilot, accelerate its penetration into all walks of life, and have a subversive impact on its production model, organization method and industrial form. A fundamental revolution in practical methods." Mei Hong said.


Ensure network security

The continuous deepening of the information revolution requires the escort of network security, especially with the rapid development of cloud computing and cloud industry, the importance of cloud security is becoming more and more prominent. At the Cyber ​​Security Forum of the 5th Digital China Construction Summit, the guests exchanged and shared on the theme of "Guarding Cloud Service Security and Escorting Digital China Construction", and offered suggestions for cloud computing service security.


In response to problems such as public cloud security vulnerabilities and private cloud supply chains, Qi Xiangdong, chairman of Qi Anxin Group, said that it is necessary to protect cloud data with the goal of "zero accidents". By establishing a "triple-party check and balance" mechanism, joint operations, precise protection, in-depth operations, and emergency response five measures, cloud services will not be interrupted, data will not be in trouble, and compliance will not step on the line. "When individual terminals, servers or other network assets are damaged, as long as measures are taken quickly to ensure the smooth operation of office and internal and external business, the 'zero accident effect' can be achieved."


At present, all regions are accelerating the release of the economic and social value of public data resources, but public data opening still has shortcomings in data security protection, especially the risk of data leakage and the abuse of open data are a serious threat to network security. The "White Paper on Privacy Computing and Public Data Openness" released at the "Digital Fujian" sub-forum of the summit pointed out that privacy computing, as an emerging data security technology, is expected to become a booster to balance the value and risks of public data opening, and it has the potential External leakage, and data fusion analysis calculation and value mining.


In front of the Nuowei Technology booth at the China International Digital Products Expo, many audiences were interested in Nuoweixin all-in-one machines and stopped to watch and communicate. "This product, through the combination of software and hardware, greatly improves computing performance under the premise of satisfying privacy protection, which is also the future development direction of privacy computing." Wang Shuang, founder and chairman of Nuowei Technology, introduced that the all-in-one machine can quickly access participation For example, a federated learning computing network can be formed with simple configuration, and large-scale joint computing can be completed with cluster management capabilities, effectively accelerating the commercialization of privacy computing technology, and helping various fields to transfer and share data safely and efficiently.


Cai Chaochao, co-founder and chief technology officer of Digital Technology, told reporters that with the advantages of "raw data is not out of the domain", "data availability is invisible", "data usage is controllable and measurable", and "computing is distributed and supervision is centralized" and other advantages, Privacy computing technology can significantly reduce the risk of public data opening and utilization, and can make up for the shortcomings of current data protection capabilities to a certain extent. It can effectively solve data security issues while ensuring data openness and utilization. important value.


"Data's privacy computing platform, as an important capability of public data development and utilization of data element circulation, adopts a distributed architecture design to separate control information flow and encrypted data flow, which can effectively ensure the efficient manageability and scalability of the platform. It can achieve a balance between safety and efficiency." Cai Chaochao said.


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