The pattern of the security market in the intelligent era begins to fluctuate

July 5, 2022

Latest company news about The pattern of the security market in the intelligent era begins to fluctuate

In the intelligent era, the tranquil security industry has begun to turbulence, and a new market structure is taking shape.

The "moat" of traditional manufacturers is no longer as strong as before, industry competition is staggered, and new technologies are extending the boundaries of security. The emergence of new markets and new ecology brings new industry atmosphere, and the security industry chain is showing a "paradigm shift". More and more concentrated in the sub-industry, "security" is no longer enough to cover the industry, new technologies and new business opportunities brought about by cross-border transformation are pushing the industry to a high-profit sector.

In the information age, the security industry has achieved high-definition and networking. In the digital age, the industry will usher in intelligence and IoT. At the moment, the most striking thing is the frequent actions of many cross-border giants, reflecting the new challenger's aggressiveness in the security industry.

In terms of products, whether it is a new form of camera or video cloud product, it is showing the needs of intelligent transformation around customers, using AI for images, AI for storage, and AI for performance. Ecologically, we will strive to build a bridge between users and developers, create a rich software and hardware and intelligent ecology, and accelerate the implementation of intelligence. In terms of services, through strong cloud technology capabilities, a wider customer base will benefit and promote AI in all industries.

Grass snake gray line, the pulse is thousands of miles away. It is predicted that in 2020, on the bright line, smart products will use surging computing power to get through the two channels of AI and accelerate the release of new industrial potential. On the dark line, new challengers want to cross the industry’s original “scale advantage”, which will further sink the channel and increase local push. From the perspective of Pratt & Whitney AI, the sinking of channels may carry the mission of AI sinking and intelligent sinking. In order to seize the market, this may also cause a new round of price wars for smart products.

It is worth noting that smart video has become the core of the perception of everything and the anchor point of the digital and intelligent transformation of the industry. Therefore, it is very likely that any new cross-border giants will enter the security industry in the future. Perhaps the point may be from the perspective of pan-security such as smart people's livelihood and smart production, such as smart cars or 5G applications. The front of the industry has been stretched, and the future is full of infinite possibilities.

In short, the curtain of smart security has just been opened, and for traditional manufacturers and challengers, the good news has just begun.

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