The recognition accuracy is as high as 99.3%, and the gait may become a new means of security inspection

June 29, 2022

Latest company news about The recognition accuracy is as high as 99.3%, and the gait may become a new means of security inspection

British media said that everyone has a nuance in their walking posture, and scientists are developing a technology to identify individuals, including criminals, by observing their gait. According to the British "Daily Mail", this system may soon be used in airports, just like fingerprint and eye scanning technology.


   reported that the recognition accuracy of this non-intrusive technology is about 99.3%, and it requires the use of pressure pads embedded in the ground of the airport. The system studies a person's gait, not the shape of the footprint itself.


   reported that behavioral biometrics technology-including your walking posture, voice and your signature-can capture the uniqueness of a person's behavior and movements.


  In order to create this artificial intelligence system, researchers from the University of Manchester and the Autonomous University of Madrid in Spain collected and established the largest step database in history, including nearly 20,000 step signals from 127 people.


   This research paper published in the monthly issue of "Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence Proceedings" found that the monitoring of these actions can be used to accurately identify individuals.


The leader of this research, Omar Costilla Reyes of the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Manchester, said: “Everyone has about 24 different elements and movements when they walk. Unique walking mode."


  He said: “Therefore, the monitoring of these actions can be used to clearly identify or verify the identity of a person, just like fingerprint recognition or retinal scanning.”


   reported that the researchers tested their data in real security scenarios, including airport security checkpoints, workplaces, and home environments.


   In order to collect samples and data sets, the research team used ground sensors and high-definition cameras.


Reyes said: "Focusing on non-invasive gait recognition technology-monitoring the force on the ground while walking-is very challenging. This is because it is extremely difficult to manually distinguish the subtle differences between people. This is why we must design a new artificial intelligence system to overcome this challenge from a new perspective."


   reported that other applications of the technology include smart measures that can identify neurodegeneration. This is another area where Reyes intends to advance his footstep recognition research.


He said: "We are still studying the use of the first-hand step data provided by the wide-area ground sensor of the smart house to solve the medical problem of finding the signs of cognitive decline and mental illness."


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