With the blessing of artificial intelligence, the security inspection industry has entered a new era of intelligence

August 2, 2022

Latest company news about With the blessing of artificial intelligence, the security inspection industry has entered a new era of intelligence

In the 1970s, the First Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security introduced the first generation of security inspection equipment in China on the basis of absorbing foreign security inspection equipment technology. After years of development, especially with the convening of various international events in China, the construction of domestic infrastructure and the rapid development of rail transit, China's application demand for security inspection equipment has continued to increase, and its sales growth rate is much higher than the international average Level. On this basis, with the help of my country's strong manufacturing capacity and the innovation and creation environment vigorously advocated and promoted by the state, China has become one of the world's largest security inspection equipment markets integrating R&D, production and sales.


However, in recent years, with the increasingly severe global anti-terrorism situation, the security inspection and detonation of airports, high-speed railways, large-scale event venues and key government departments have received extensive attention from various countries. Faced with the new situation, security inspection technology has achieved unprecedented development, and security inspection intelligence is increasingly on the agenda.

Technology Status


The key application areas of security inspection Civil aviation security inspection has been established for more than 30 years. The environment and situation faced by it have undergone major changes, but the inspection mode has not made a qualitative leap. Although the upgrading of security inspection equipment has made great progress in user experience, it is critical in key There is no essential innovation in technology. At present, the equipment that has been put into use on a large scale cannot achieve fine imaging and intelligent identification, and more can only rely on the experience judgment of inspectors. Although technical defense is the auxiliary and civil defense is the key, due to the limited technical level, repeated manual confirmation in multiple links, Reduced inspection efficiency.


Traditional security inspections have problems such as relying on manual judgment, information closed-loop fragmentation, and inability to trace back big data. Moreover, there is a lack of information interaction between systems, inconvenience in data retrieval, and no unified analysis. It can neither achieve active early warning, nor provide management services. Provide effective decision-making basis. The lag of informatization construction has resulted in the operation and management pattern of passively accepting information.


In the face of various risks, the security inspection industry still responds more in traditional ways, with very limited means, mainly relying on employees' self-management, self-pressure and strict inspection. Judging from the current security situation and the rapid development trend of technology, the technical update of security inspection facilities and equipment and the accelerated implementation of informatization construction are the keys to improving the quality, efficiency and reputation of the entire security inspection industry. The major airports aiming at the construction of aviation hubs should strengthen the defense line with the construction of technical platforms, and use more technical means to replace manpower, so as to reduce errors and reduce risks.

Supported by artificial intelligence and other technologies


Artificial intelligence security inspection, a new force in the security inspection industry - "intelligent security inspection". It is based on the research and development experience of existing safety testing equipment and organically combined with artificial intelligence, which can not only improve efficiency, but also interact with big data, thus becoming an effective social security means. At the same time, due to the emergence of artificial intelligence, the security inspection industry is also undergoing a huge change, ushering in a new round of development opportunities.


Driven by the rapid development of data, algorithms and computing power, artificial intelligence technology has developed vigorously in recent years, and a variety of applications have been derived in all walks of life. AI has been integrated into the security industry, which is a technological change for security inspection. At present, "smart security inspection" has become an important trend in the security inspection industry. The main new features are: the integrated application of Internet of Things technology and new sensing technology - such as new perimeter security equipment using millimeter wave technology; big data collection and analysis Application of security inspection - such as "certificate integration, fingerprint comparison, portrait collection and other comparison and verification"; application of medical-grade imaging technology - such as "perspective, imaging security gate"; artificial intelligence is widely used, etc.


At present, new technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data have been integrated with the innovation of the security inspection industry, and breakthroughs have been achieved in many aspects and dimensions. For example, accurate analysis of explosives has become possible, and major breakthroughs have been made. In addition, a new generation of imaging security inspection equipment is gradually replacing the traditional single metal security inspection door; image recognition technology has replaced manual identification, and the detection of dangerous goods has been automated; The fingerprint information or face information in the ID card of the holder, completes the verification of "identity of witnesses", and solves the security check problems such as inconsistency of witnesses and impostors, and intelligent information collection and comparison; the application of human body temperature measurement, especially during the epidemic Show the advantages of new products and meet market expectations. The multi-functional door launched by Gatekeeper in response to the epidemic, integrates "temperature detection, disinfection, and face recognition", which can not only improve the efficiency of prevention and control work, pass speed, reduce crowd density, but also greatly reduce the number of people between people. Cross-infection caused by close-contact temperature measurement to achieve accurate matching between personnel and temperature.


Artificial intelligence is the core technology of the new generation of scientific and technological revolution, which profoundly affects people's production and life. With the integration of artificial intelligence and security inspection equipment, related companies are also using their own advantages to integrate artificial intelligence into the security inspection business to meet the constantly updated security inspection needs. The traditional security inspection industry is entering a new era of intelligence.

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