After the monitoring is installed, what should I do if I add a camera and no images are displayed?

August 8, 2022

Latest company news about After the monitoring is installed, what should I do if I add a camera and no images are displayed?

What should I do if the surveillance camera does not show images after adding it? It is the most common problem encountered by weak current people, especially the newly installed monitoring. There are many problems. First of all, it is necessary to check whether the network cable is connected normally, whether the network cable transmission is over-distance, and whether the crystal head is standard. After doing these basic checks, it still does not work. What should I do if the image is displayed and an unknown error is displayed?


1. The device was not activated before the newly installed camera was added

Usually, the device needs to be activated when the newly installed camera channel is added. In the main menu of the recording host - channel management - channel configuration - IP channel, click the inactive IP camera or select "one-click activation" for all devices, and the activation interface will pop up , the device can be added normally by creating a password, and the inactive device cannot display the monitoring screen normally.


2. The IP of the camera is inconsistent with the IP of the recorder

Before debugging the newly installed camera, first make sure that the IP of the recording host and the IP of the camera are in the same network segment, and then add devices. Modify the IP of the host in the main menu of the recording host - system configuration - network configuration - basic configuration - IPV4 address; the camera can use Intranet search tool, modify camera IP addresses in batches, and fill in the starting IP, port, subnet mask, gateway and other information.


3. Adding a third-party manufacturer's camera is not set up

It needs to be modified to the ONVIF protocol, and the port information corresponding to the ONVIF protocol needs to be added to the device.

In addition, if it is an added Hikvision camera, you need to log in to the camera, click [Configuration] - [System] - [Security Management] - [Security Service] in order to remove the check in [Enable Illegal Login Lock], and then [Save]


4. The video host channel code stream type is not supported, and is not compatible with the camera encoding format

If the camera is in H.265 encoding format and the recording host is in H.264 encoding, the normal picture cannot be displayed at this time, you need to access the camera from the intranet web page, in Configuration - Encoding Parameters - Recording Parameters, change the video encoding to H.264 , save the application, delete the original channel from the recording host, and re-add the camera in the recording host to display it normally.


5. The resolution of the camera exceeds the maximum resolution supported by the recorder

Normally, the Hikvision host does not display the monitoring screen, indicating that the screen resources are insufficient. In this case, the resolution of the connected network camera exceeds the maximum resolution supported by the video host. You need to go to the recording host, configure - encoding parameters - recording parameters, reduce the resolution of the main stream and the upper limit of the stream, delete the original channel, and add the device again.


6. The channel mode of the recorder is wrong or the voltage of the camera is unstable

For the newly installed monitoring system, if the video recording host supports the access of analog and network cameras, the channel mode needs to be modified. In the main menu of the recording host--channel management--channel configuration--signal access status interface, select the signal access type of the corresponding channel, if the channel is connected to an analog signal, select CVBS; if it is connected to a Hikvision coaxial camera, select TVI; If connecting to AHD signal, select AHD; when connecting to IP camera, select IPC mode. At the same time, check whether the power supply voltage of the camera is normal. The normal voltage and current are around 12V and 2A, which can be directly tested with a multimeter.


7. When adding a camera to the Hikvision DVR, an exclamation mark is displayed and an unknown error occurs. How to solve it?

After you delete the channel and add it again, if it still can't be solved, this kind of problem is a headache for many friends, and it also occurs frequently.

The prompt unknown error is because all Hikvision products require mandatory password modification, the version of the network surveillance camera is V5.3.0 or later, and the version of the hard disk video recorder is too low.


1. Go to the official website of Hikvision first, service support---download---equipment upgrade package download---DS-71/78/79 series NVR upgrade package, download address:

Page address:

2. According to the actual model of the hard disk video recorder: select the upgrade program package of the hard disk recorder equipment, and click to download.

3. After the download is complete, you need to decompress the local decompression software. Put the decompressed digicap.dav file into the USB flash drive, which must be in FAT32 format.

4. After inserting the U disk into the hard disk recorder, enter the main menu of the hard disk recorder and select system maintenance.

5. Select version upgrade in system maintenance, and select the version upgrade file that is the same as that of the hard disk recorder.

6. Select the upgrade file digicap.dav file and click the upgrade below the hard disk recorder.

7. During the system upgrade, the power supply must be normal, and the power supply cannot be manually turned off or powered off. After the system upgrade is completed, it will automatically restart.

8. After the system restarts, the administrator password of the hard disk video recorder needs to be changed forcibly. In the interface below, please click Yes to change the password.

9. How to add an inactive camera, enter the main menu and select channel management.

10. After clicking activate, check Use device administrator password to ensure that the activation passwords of the camera and the DVR are the same. Camera activation is complete. After the activation is completed, you can directly click the plus sign to add a camera. Please ensure that the password of the hard disk video recorder is consistent with the password of the camera.

After the above operations are completed, the yellow exclamation mark problem of the camera in the channel management can be perfectly solved, and the camera can be added normally after the upgrade.


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